Demo Presenter Notes

A Pulp demo is a five minutes or less video of something accomplished that affects Pulp, a Pulp plugin, or the Pulp community. Presenters can be anyone from the community.

When do I need to record a demo?

If you are raising a Pull Request with substantial changes to any element of the Pulp project, you must include a demo of your changes with your pull request. If you deem your changes too small to be worthy of a demo, state that in the body of the PR. Note that the reviewers might request a demo if they think it will help the community better understand the changes.

Demo length

All videos must be under 5 minutes. The ideal demo length being about 3 - 4 minutes based on the Wistia report.

Recording a Video

Although audio is welcome, it is not a requirement.

You can use a tool like simplescreenrecorder or recordmydesktop to record both audio and video at the same time. OpenBroadcasterSoftware is also a good choice, but more heavyweight and fully featured than those two.

Whatever you use, ensure that you:

1. Increase the font! Whatever you think is readable, make it a lot bigger.
2. If your video has audio, check your audio level. We can't fix audio that is recorded too soft or too loud when we playback the video.


You can also use asciinema to record your demo.

When using asciinema, it's important to set your terminal size so that the video output for all demos is consistent. Before you begin your demo, please set your terminal size to 90x45 characters. In order to automate and properly anonymise asciinema generation, you can add it to the saftladen repository. The asciicasts generated there can be uploaded to asciinema to be embedded in any kind of web content.

Testing your Video

All video playback happens in Firefox. Ensure that a normal Firefox browser can natively play your video.

Sharing your Video

1. Add a link to your video in the body of the pull request that you're submitting.

2. Tag @melcorr in the body of the pull request so she can add your demo to a latest demo list on the Pulp website.

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