Bug Trends Report 2017-03-03

*Summary *

Total Issues Filed : 5


Total Issues Filed: 2

Pulp 2.12

Total Issues Filed : 2

Pulp 2.11

Total Issues Filed : 0

Pulp 2.10

Total Issues Filed : 1

Pulp 2.9.2

Total Issues Filed : 0

Pulp 2.8.z

Total Issues Filed : 0

Pulp 3.0

Total Issues Filed : 0


2 issues filed this week were on 2.12 which are edge cases for features that are already implemented. 2 issues are on master relating to Celery4+Kombu4. This does not affect pulp now but will in the future (F26) or when the environment is manually installed. 1 issue on 2.10.

The following smash issues have been filed/updated -updated

2 issues already have automation in place

python3 -m unittest pulp_smash.tests.rpm.api_v2.test_schedule_publish.ScheduledPublishTestCase.test_total_run_count
python3 -m unittest pulp_smash.tests.rpm.api_v2.test_broker.BrokerTestCase.test_broker_reconnect

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