Bug Trends Report 2016-12-09

Combined report for 12/3/16 and 12/09/16

Total Issues Filed : 7


Total Issues Filed: 0

Pulp 2.11

Total Issues Filed : 0

Pulp 2.10

Total Issues Filed : 4

Pulp 2.9.2

Total Issues Filed : 0

Pulp 2.8.z

Total Issues Filed : 2

Pulp 3.0

Total Issues Filed : 2


2 issues filed this week were on 2.10.2 and SELinux related. Multiple SELinux related issues have been added including Also a test has been merged to check selinux issue. There is also plans to add more detailed SELinux tests after 2.11 GA. 1 issue for spec file and 1 for error reporting with lazy sync has been filed as well.

2 issues were on 2.8. 1 is docker unassociate. Pulp-smash issue has been added for that. The 2nd issue is for reassociating already associated units. Will add that to the smash issue.