Bug Trends Report 2016-10-28

Combined Report from 10/21 & 10/28

*Summary *
Total Issues Filed : 13


Total Issues Filed: 0

Pulp 2.11

Total Issues Filed : 4

Pulp 2.10

Total Issues Filed : 2

Pulp 2.9.2

Total Issues Filed : 2

Pulp 2.8.z

Total Issues Filed : 5

Pulp 3.0

Total Issues Filed : 0


The issues filed the last 2 weeks include 5 on 2.8 affecting satellite. 2 of which are lazy sync related 2. 1 on search , 1 on applicability and 1 on rpm upload. 2 issues filed on 2.9 are on repoview feature. On 2.10 we have 1 on importer update and 1 on forcefull sync issues . The 4 issues on 2.11 were, 1 httpd failing to start if the optional AMQP bus for consumers is unavailable, 1 the status reporting of wrong AMQP message bus, and 1 on python egg upload and 1 on sync silently failing without error.

Lazy sync issues affecting satellite are already part of the automation backlog. The others need to be looked at automation issues need to be added. We need to revisit the repo upload tests to include the missing scenarios. Also the sync error handling scenarios need to be added.

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