Bug Trends Report 2016-09-09

Friday September 9 EDT 2016

Item Summary

Pulp 2.10

Total Issues Filed : 3

Break down as per feature area

Docker -2

Pulp 2.9.2

Upgrade RPM - 2

Pulp 2.8.z



Nectar :1


A total of 6 issues were filed during the week of 9/4 - 9/10. 2 issues were against Docker and 1 OSTree. OSTree issues are trickling in with some basic functionalities. So we would need to take a look at the OSTree and Docker plugin automated tests to see if we can improve coverage.

2 bugs were filed against the 2.9.2 upgrade. Both issues are cases that are not covered in our automation upgrade script. These cases will need to be included in the upgrade automation as well to avoid future incidents.