Bug Trends Report 2016-09-02

Friday September 2 EDT 2016

Item Summary

Pulp 2.10

Total Issues Filed : 4

Break down as per feature area

  • RPM :2
  • rsync distributor (new feature) :1
  • errata upload : 1
  • OSTree : 1
  • Proxy sync issue with OSTree
  • Docker 1

*Documentation issue

Pulp 2.9.z

  • No Issues were filed against 2.9

Pulp 2.8.z

Total Issues Filed: 1

  • sync schedule issue: 1

Pulp 2.11

  • Master: 1 - Mirrorlist sync issue


A total of 6 issues were filed during the week of 8/27-9/2. 4 were against 2.10 beta. The new feature rsync introduced with 2.10 has the 1 issues filed against it. This issue has been automated in pulp smash. Proxy issues have always been recurring in pulp releases. We will have to prioritize and automate proxy issues to avoid future breakage of pulp plugins with proxy.

1 bug was filed against the 2.8 stream. Looks like this is a sync schedule issue that was originally filed against 2.4 .

1 bug is filed against master (2.11) on failure to sync from mirrorlist . Pulp smash issue will be filed to automate this in the future. Also will be added to the manual test until automation is completed on this issue.