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 ### Motivation 
 There are cases when a user might want to remove a plugin: 
  - plugin is no longer in use but it's data in the db is quite large (pulp-2to3-migration case) 
  - incompatible plugins 

 ### Deliverables 

  - all plugin related data should be removed from the DB, its schema as well 
  - artifacts can be left for orphan cleanup, don't need to be removed immediately 
  - it should be possible to install this plugin back again, make sure django migrations are applied in this case accordingly 

 ### Original request from Katello 

 > After a pulp2 to 3 migration, the left over migration data is quite large and needs to be cleaned up.    there needs to be a command or api to clean it up. 
 > In addition we need a way/instructions to remove the plugin altogether and delete its added schema entirely