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 Currently there are no docs about how to back up and restore a Pulp 3 installation. 

 * Create a page for backup and restore 
 * It should list all the components which needs to be backed up 
 * It should mention all the requirements and caveats (e.g. pulp version should be the same for backup+restore procedure, tasks in incomplete state needs to be cancelled, etc) 

 ## Details 

 This should be a conceptual guide. We do not want to document how to backup postgresql in great detail for example. There are so many ways to backup postgresql. Similarly for the filesystem, we can give a simple examples, but there are so many backup tools for files, e.g. `cp -a` `rsync`, or `rdiff-backup`, etc. 

 #### To backup 

 1. Stop all pulp services 
 2. Stop postgresql 
 3. Backup MEDIA_ROOT, e.g. `/var/lib/pulp`/ 
 4. Backup Postgresql 
 5. If using S3 or Azure you'll need to archive that somehow. 

 Also mention that temporary files are not needed to be included in the backup 

 #### To restore 
 1. Stop all pulp services 
 2. Stop postgresql 
 Restore MEDIA_ROOT (with correct file permissions) 
 4. Restore postgresql 
 5. restore S3 or Azure