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 **Ticket moved to GitHub**: "pulp/pulpcore/1833": 


 The only plugin I know that uses PublishedArtifact is pulp_deb as highligted by @mdellweg here: 

 That plugin could be used to verify that the Pulp Content app is able to serve PublishedArtifact objects that are reachable by their relative paths. To test this: 

 1\. Install the pulp_deb plugin   
 2\. Create a repo, a remote, and sync some content to create a repository version that has some Debian content in it   
 3\. Create a publication of that RepositoryVersion (this will create the PublishedArtifact)   
 4\. Create a Distribution that exposes that the publication created in step 3   
 5\. Fetch a PublishedArtifact by its relative_url and verify that the binary data is correctly delivered.