Issue #4455

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 **Ticket moved to GitHub**: "pulp/pulpcore/1820": 


 You get a permission denied error if you set up pulp + S3 according to our docs. This warning somewhat explains the problem: 

 The default behavior of S3Boto3Storage is insecure and will change in django-storages 2.0. By default files and new buckets are saved with an ACL of 'public-read' (globally publicly readable). Version 2.0 will default to using the bucket's ACL. To opt into the new behavior set AWS_DEFAULT_ACL = None, otherwise to silence this warning explicitly set AWS_DEFAULT_ACL. 

 More info 

 The temporary fix is to set `AWS_DEFAULT_ACL` to 'None' in our settings. Not sure if we should update our docs since this is a temporary problem that should be resolved in django-storages 2.0.