Issue #8775

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 **Ticket moved to GitHub**: "pulp/pulp_deb/409": 


 The Debian Repository Format ( allows for "Sources" indices allowing source level packages to exist alongside deb packages. This allows for 'deb-src' lines to be included in a system's sources.list or equivalent files and allows a user to use 'apt-get source <package_name>' to then inspect a package's source, make modifications and use tools such as pbuilder to build a custom version of a package.  

 The current Pulp Deb plugin does not handle "Source" indices and using generic_content is not really viable. 

 Having the Pulp Debian plugin support "sources" indices and source level packages would be a welcome addition to the plugin. 

 (I have reviewed past work items and didn't see previous requests or discussions on this topic, hopefully I didn't miss anything. I am willing to contribute as needed along with some colleagues but want to gauge first if this support would be accepted and desired by folks maintaining this plugin)