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root @ 1.0-dev

Debian Support

This is a currently NON FUNCTIONAL, experimental project for supporting Debian repositories within Pulp.

What we have today

  • Support for using the pulp-admin command line for creating a pulp_deb repository as well as running a sync and publishing the results.
  • The framework for the importer to sync data from a remote repository.
  • The framework for the distributor to publish the repository.

For Importing/syncing information from the web see plugins/pulp_deb/plugins/importers/

For publishing information to the web see plugins/pulp_deb/plugins/distributors/ The PublishMetadataStep and PublishContentStep need to be filled in to write out the repository to disk.


  • TODO - Implement the importer to download a repository and load the contents into Pulp
  • TODO - Implement the distributor steps necessary to publish the repository information

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