Test #5046

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 **Ticket moved to GitHub**: "pulp/pulp_file/615": 


 The File Remote accepts a 'proxy_url' parameter\[0\]. When set, the File Remote uses the proxy for all requests during a sync operation. 

 This test will require writing a very simple server using aiohttp\[1\] that will proxy all requests and log them in such a way that pulp-smash can read the log. The test needs to do the following: 

 1\. Start the proxy service on port 12345   
 2\. Create a repository   
 3\. Create a remote with a proxy_url set to 'localhost:12345'   
 4\. Create a repository version by syncing from the Remote.   
 5\. Assert that the proxy service received all the requests from Pulp.   
 6\. Assert the sync was successful.