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 File Remote supports syncing from protected repositories. Users must provide an 'ssl_client_key' and 'ssl_client_certificate' when creating a File Remote\[0\]. 

 The following should cover this use case. 

 1\) Create repository   
 2\) Create a repository version with some content   
 3\) Create a publication   
 4\) Create a content guard   
 5\) Create distribution that is associated with the publication and the content guard.   
 6\) Create another repository   
 7\) Create a remote that has a URL pointing at the Distribution from step 5 and uses the client certificate for the content guard   
 8\) Create a repository version for the second repository by syncing from the remote   
 9\) Assert that the sync is successful   
 10\) Update the remote with a different client certificate   
 11\) Sync from the remote again   
 12\) Assert a failure occurs.