Task #1416

Updated by mhrivnak over 8 years ago

Users may have difficulty setting up a test system to run the validation script described in #1415. To resolve this, one or more a docker images script should be written which dockerhub will be created containing: use to build a docker image which contains the following: 

 * a full installation of pulp 2.8 Pulp 2.8.0 or pre-release 2.8.0 and all the plugins from #1415 
 * a running mongod An empty mongodb instance 
 * the script created in #1415 a server.conf configured to connect to that mongodb 

 Also some simple mongodb instructions should be written showing users an example of how to export data from their production pulp_database and restore it to the mongodb running in this docker environment. 

 Having this in a docker image built by docker hub via a Dockerfile script will allow us to re-publish with a newer version of the in-development pulp with little effort. 

 This task is to both create write the Dockerfiles script and have dockerhub build them. it. Then test it. Once it's ready, a blog post needs to be written describing to users how they can use this and why they would want to as a pre-upgrade step. Perhaps add a link to this blog post in the 2.8.0 release note created in #1415.