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Basically, this means that pulp_installer 3.14.0 3.14.z (or possibly 3.13.1 / 3.13.2) will be able to install pulpcore 3.14.z .

The benefit for users is that they will not need to always have the latest micro version of pulp_installer.

And the benefit to the pulp team is that we will not need to do a pulp_installer micro release for every pulpcore micro release.

This is a variation of the 1 year old proposal for versions/branches in pulp_installer, and a variation of the specific micro release policy we implemented originally in #5618.

Reference from #5618:

* Original discussion:
* [mikedep333's proposal](
* [bmbouter's couter-proposal to do micro-versioned releases](
* [mikedep333's agreement/details for micro-versioned releases](