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Task #1368

Updated by rbarlow over 5 years ago

This ticket will serve as a tracker ticket for all the tasks that need to be completed to get Pulp included as part of the Fedora Project. Fedora is requesting to be able to have Pulp's upcoming Docker v2 support included in Fedora 24. Fedora 24 has a feature proposal deadline freeze in January. The upcoming Docker v2 support will require Pulp 2.8, which may or may not be released by that time. It is currently unknown if a Fedora feature freeze is allowed to include a beta or not, so we should determine a timing strategy early on. The high level items are:

* Pulp's dependencies must all be included in Fedora.
* Some of Pulp dependencies have been patched to fix certain issues or add some features. These patches must be reviewed and must either get included upstream, get included by the Fedora maintainer, or Pulp must work around not having the patch.
* Pulp itself must go through and pass package review. We have been offered assistance by Adam Miller for this stage.
* Pulp 2.8 must be at beta by January. If Fedora requires only stable releases during feature freeze, it may also have to be released in order to make it into Fedora 24.
* pulp-docker 2.0 similarly needs to be ready by January.

I will file individual tickets for these items at a later time, and they will be listed as blocking this ticket.