Issue #8550

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On the main Pulpcore docs page, we have a section titled Ansible installer (Recommended) where we have some commands relating to the Ansible installer, but we never explicitly state that we have a more comprehensive set of docs elsewhere: 

 If I was a new user, I might disappear at this point for lack of direction. @mikedep333 also pointed out that there is an error in this set of docs. mcorr thinks that it is poor practice to have two sets of docs like this on the go. 

 We should explicitly state that this is a short introduction to the installer, and ask the users to check out the more comprehensive guide to the installer at the different URL. If these docs are to remain duplicated, we must add a step to the installer release process to check these docs in pulpcore in the weeks leading up to a release. 

 Note: At Ad the recent pulp_installer meeitng, I (mikedep333) seem to recall us agreeing that we should just remove the duplicate instructions from the pulpcore docs, and link to the installer docs. 

 EDIT: Just confirmed this at the 4/14 meeting.