Test #8041

Updated by ttereshc 11 months ago

Those tests require 2 snapshots.

Snapshot 1:
- empty repo, no importer, a distributor
- another empty repo (to copy content to later), no importer, a distributor
rpm-with-modules repo, on_demand importer, a distributor
- rpm-distribution-tree repo, on_demand importer, a distributor
- srpm-unsigned repo, on_demand importer, a distributor

Snapshot 2:
- empty repo and its distributor unchanged
- copy a package to an empty repo,
and its distributor unchanged
- rpm-with-modules repo (remove one package, clean orphans), importer feed change, distributor with no changes
- rpm-distribution-tree repo unchanged, its importer unchanged, distributor checksum_type change
- srpm-unsigned repo unchanged, repo name change, distributor relative path change
- rpm-richweak-deps repo (sync, remove one package, no orphan cleanup)