Story #7714

Updated by ttereshc over 1 year ago

## Motivation

In case of any major issues during migration, manual changes in the db (it's not supposed to happen but some people still do it), just willingness to start from scratch, there is no way to remove migrated data in pulp 3, apart from dropping database.

## Proposed Solution

Provide a separate action to remove data for plugins specified in a Migration Plan
`/pulp/api/v3/migration-plans/<uuid>/reset/` /pulp/api/v3/migration-plans/<uuid>/reset/

This action should not allow running any migration in parallel.
This action will remove all the data in Pulp 3 for the corresponding Pulp 2 plugins specified in the migration plan (even if the data is not migrated but was added later), all content/artifacts/remoteartifacts, repositories, remotes, publications, distributions for those plugins (pulp2-> pulp3: iso -> file plugin, rpm -> rpm plugin, docker -> container plugin)