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## Overview 

 On Red Hat systems, Pulp installer needs to clone pulpcore-selinux repository[0], compile the policy inside of it, and install the policy, label all the ports used by pulp services[1]. 


 ## File Path Requirements/Details 

 The SELinux policy is built assuming default file paths. For example things like /var/lib/pulp, etc. Those defaults are in the policy's ".fc" file [here]( 

 On producton systems when these paths are changed the compiled policy will need to generate a correct .fc file to use when compiling the policy. 

 On dev systems, a new .fc file will need to be generated as well for the dev environment. 

 ## install-from-RPM mode requirements 

 Currently not needed    (Dennis & Mike), the policies get installed (pre-compiled) via pulpcore-selinux RPM package, which the installer defaults to installing. 

 Because /usr/bin/rq and /usr/bin/gunicorn are generic, this mode will require wrapper scripts like Katello creates. If we are to support this mode at all (usually policies are in a separate RPM package.) 

 ## Which version of pulpcore-selinux gets installed? 

 Currently the "master" branch. Alternatives, like tagged releases, are TBD. 

 ## How to test branches of pulpcore-selinux? 

 The git repo and branch ("master") are configurable via 2 private variables, but there is no "Required PR" support because it is a lot of work and may not pay off. They can be overriden via `__pulp_selinux_repo` and `__pulp_selinux_version.` We should set these in molecule vars files for CI when needed.  

 ## Provide support for disabling SELinux in the installer? 

 This is worth considering in case an incompatible plugin will be installed. However, universally disabling SELinux is outside of of the scope of the installer now.  

 ##    Installing the 1 package for the ports should be in pulp_api & pulp_content roles. 

 Doing so would be ideal, but our current implementation of installing it in pulp_common is good enough. (Dennis & Mike) 

 ## Also install the policy for the other selinux modes (mls, strict & targeted), not just the current one.  
 Current is good enough, we do only targeted for Pulp 2. (Dennis & Mike) 

 ## Support for dev mode installs, with pulp source installed in editable mode? 

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