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## Overview 

 On Red Hat systems, Pulp installer needs to clone pulpcore-selinux repository[0], compile the policy inside of it, and install the policy, label all the ports used by pulp services[1]. 


 ## File Path Requirements/Details 

 The SELinux policy is built assuming default file paths. For example things like /var/lib/pulp, etc. Those defaults are in the policy's ".fc" file [here]( 

 On producton systems when these paths are changed the compiled policy will need to generate a correct .fc file to use when compiling the policy. 

 On dev systems, a new .fc file will need to be generated as well for the dev environment. 

 ## install-from-RPM mode requirements 

 Because /usr/bin/rq and /usr/bin/gunicorn are generic, this mode will require wrapper scripts like Katello creates.