Issue #7254

Updated by almost 4 years ago

pulp_installer is not idempotent (always reports changed, and therefore fails molecule CI) on these tasks: 
 pulp_common : Install pulpcore via PyPI 
 pulp_common : Install Pulp plugins via PyPI 

 Upon further investigation, this is caused by: 
 1. A bug in pip 20.2 (we upgrade to the latest pip) comparing package names with '.' vs '_' 
 2. The packages ruamel.yaml ruamel.yaml.clib triggering this bug 
 3. Those 2 packages always getting reinstalled, at the same version, whenever pip installs something that depends on them (drf-yasg, and therefore pupcore and its plugins.) This therefore makes the ansible tasked CHANGED rathe than OK. 

 Easiest solution is to just have our ansible pip task: 
 pulp_common: Upgrade to a recent edition of pip (supporting manylinux2014) 
 Exclude 20.2 specifically. 20.2.1 will almost definitely have a fix for this: The bug report is very active, and there's an open PR to fix it.