Issue #1137

Updated by rbarlow over 6 years ago

When we had talked about removing I had forgotten that Vagrant will only work for developers who are working on physical hosts As it was agreed in IRC discussion with virtualization extensions. beav and rbarlow: Since some developers may use Openstack or EC2 for development, there may[0] still be a place for a script.

It's been reported by igulina that our script fails in some way (I am
is not sure what the issue is). We should fix the script so that it works again.

It would be wise to also refactor it so that it uses the same Ansible code that
maintained anymore and Vagrant is used by Vagrant so we can benefit from some code sharing. The instead, a script does do a little more than the Vagrant setup so it will still need to should be a separate thing, but if we can get it down to just checking out the code and calling Ansible that would be a win, and would decrease the chance of future breakage.

[0] I say "may", because technically I think Vagrant can also provision EC2 and Openstack environments, though our current implementation of the Vagrantfile does not support this.
removed as well as all relevant docs [1]