Task #6638

Updated by bmbouter almost 4 years ago

## Background 

 * The fixtures component comes from a quay hosted container image 
 * That is built by Travis [here]( and published to quay 
 * The source of the fixtures repo is [here]( 

 ##    Goals Requirements: 

 * Have the fixtures serve from 
 * Have them be up to date so as the pulp-fixtures content changes, automatically updates 
 * Updating every 15 minutes 
 * SSL with valid letsencrypt certs would also be sweet, but that's a bonus 

 ## Implementation Options 

 ### Use the container 

 Have a script that checks to see if the fixture contianer on Quay has changed and if so, download and restart the fixtures image. 

 ### Have openshift build the container and host it 

 This approach would have the github repo monitored directly by openshift and the dockerfile hosted there would be used.