Story #6198

Updated by ttereshc almost 2 years ago

### h3. Background

Distribution trees are supported differently in Pulp 2 and in Pulp 3.
Pulp 2 has only content for the main repo and no content for any subrepos.
If Pulp 2 content is migrated as is, users in Pulp 3 will struggle to get subrepo content for migrated distribution trees.

### h3. Proposed solution

Migrate as much as possible from Pulp 2 to Pulp 3, so the repositories in Pulp 3 which contain a distribution tree are provisionable.
To make it easy to update the migrated distribution tree, change/decrease the build timestamp in Pulp 3 for a distribution tree. On the next sync, a distribution tree will be fully synced, including subrepos.