Issue #6025

Updated by lmjachky over 1 year ago

When I list a remote, the certs are showed like below


"ca_cert": "b8bd944ff40f1756c08743800453b724f133029725dc762ed9ce6504a828a5ec",

"client_cert": "d24baa45b4b554e782dd134e6c5f1eb1f88e1d88122d3d417b05f7f8153954a1",

"client_key": "55ece66e807b5c979f425e55f90958b8fbc769320a0bdb5f4c3563464e8c9530",



Tied to compare the hexdigest from the ca_cert input string and using openssl command give the same sha256 sum but not match when query pulp.

hashlib.sha256(bytes(ca_cert_string, "utf8")).hexdigest()

1. openssl dgst -sha256 redhat-uep.pem

SHA256(redhat-uep.pem)= 39e65fabe7560d366be3bc4d133bcdef13e30d41ac552a05d182e2f66395422d

This prevent us from comparing the current cert on the system with the cert configured in the pulp. The sha256 sum don't match even the cert is working and configured correctly.