Task #6108

Updated by about 4 years ago

Per the RPM meeting: 

 * Start doing versioned releases of pulp_rpm_prerequisites like 3.1.1 (always) & 3.1.1-1 (only if needed) that only support the corresponding pulp_rpm version 
 * Update pulp_rpm docs (3.1.1) to tell users to download the pulp_rpm_prerequisites version that corresponds to the pulp_rpm release (3.1.1) via the galaxy command with the version string like    `ansible-galaxy role install --force pulp.pulp_rpm_prerequisites,3.1.0` (note the , vs : like collections use) 
 * Although pulp_rpm_prerequisites 3.1.1-1 may be done later, this is an acceptable lack of documentation IMHO. 3.1.1-1 will still be on Galaxy.