Task #3308

Updated by daviddavis about 4 years ago

Per our discussion on pulp-dev[0], we h3. Problem 

 We don't document the expectation that every sync should stop creating new produce a repository version. 

 h3. Why always make a repo versions if content has not changed. To recap the reasons: version? 

 - They were meant It's less surprising to serve as users when they ask Pulp to sync and receive a historical record but this information repo version N+1 that is available by looking at the tasks api 
 - It creates additional, unnecessary versions and bumps the latest that same as repo version number of the repo 
 - If we ever have a feature N. It's more confusing to retain only the latest X users if they get some repo versions, it'll be less useful since verisons for some repo versions may sync's and not have any changes 

 I believe sync is for others depending on the only place that needs to be updated but we may also need to consider any other places in the code. remote state. 

 Also, we h3. Solution? 

 We should document the expectation that this is every sync produces a repository version in the intended behavior. 

 [0] plugin writer docs.