Story #5618

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Currently users are encouraged to get the latest ansible-pulp roles via git cloning. Later on, Ansible Galaxy. 

 The only stable tag ever done was 3.0.0rc1. Presumably we will create them for 3.0.0 and later. 

 However, consider the following scenario (hypothetical release dates): 
 1. They download the roles (either method) on Apr 1. They are versioned as 3.0.3 and install pulp 3.0.3 
 2. They run them against their test env and it works. 
 3. Pulp 3.1.0 & ansible-pulp 3.1.0 are released on Apr 15. 
 4. They run the 3.0.3 roles against their prod env on May 1. 
 5. The 3.0.3 roles try to install pulp 3.1.0 from pip, but fails due to the lack of new logic. 

 It would make sense to have a variable for the pulp version to install, that defaults to the same version as the roles, but can be overriden (but doing so is discouraged.) 

 Plugin versions would also be an issue. Let's discuss how this can be handled. 

 Also, I am not sure if there is an existing task for publishing the roles (other than pulp_rpm_prerequisites) to Ansible Galaxy (pulp project on it.):