Story #5307

Updated by ttereshc almost 5 years ago

It's an epic to migrate repositories and everything related to them (importers, distributors). 


 Simple case(when everything is migrated, no details in the Migration Plan): 
  - create a repo 
  - create a remote (plugin's responsibility)  
  - migrate content  
  - create a repo version  
  - create content guards (plugin's responsibility) 
  - create publications/distributions (plugin's responsibility) 


 Complicated case (very similar, just ensure not to migrate eveything) : 
 - repo (only mentioned in a MP) 
 - remote (plugin) (only mentioned in a MP) 
 - migrate content 
 - repo versions (in a specific order mentioned in a MP) 
 - create content guards (plugin) 
 - create publications/distributions (plugin) (only mentioned in a MP)