Issue #4354

Updated by bherring about 5 years ago

h2. Problem 

 When running nightly rhel76-fips testing, there were 500 errors [0]    on jenkins tests since 1/23 and issues in journalctl with django [1]. 

 After talking with asmacdo and daviddavis, it appears this may be a django being pulled from EPEL and not from our Pulp 2 repos on build [2][3] 

 h2. Testing 

 It was determined this was the result of EPEL django precedence over the pulp.repo version that was built. This issue has been seen before. 

 Forced installation of the *python2-django-1.11.17-1* from the fedorapeople repo [3] and restart of services (or with a hammer of *shutdown now -r*) resulted in a functioning pulp install. 

 h2. Actions 

 Pulp-dev determined this issue as a low priority issue where documentation exercise may happen as a result of this issue. 

 For QE, this is a critical breakage of CI as the ansible install fails on FIPS installation and puts the box into a non-testable state. QE will be opening a related Urgent test tracker to fix the issue in the pulp-ci installer to fix mission critical work. 

 h2. References 

 [0] - 
 [1] - 
 [2]    -    [from the affected 2.19a1-nightly box under test 
 [3] - 2.11.17-1