Story #3802

Updated by daviddavis over 2 years ago

This RFE is a result of Katello/Pulp3 gap analysis. P1 item.

Settings include proxy, proxy username and password, client key, client cert, and CA cert.

h2. Design

Add the following optional fields to <code>RepositoryURLSerializer</code>:

* ssl_ca_certificate
* ssl_client_certificate
* ssl_client_key
* ssl_validation
* proxy_url
* proxy_username
* proxy_password

These fields will be used to override the remote's settings on sync. Since sync is implemented in plugins, they will need to handle these fields.

h2. Plugin Todo

We need to open issues against existing plugins (file, python, rpm) instructing them how to leverage these fields. For pulp_file (as an example), the viewset to fetch these parameters from the serializer and pass them to the sync task. Then the sync task needs to be updated to accept these values and pass them onto the downloader factory.