Story #4009

Updated by bmbouter about 3 years ago

In RPM for Pulp2, there is a WSGIAccessScript that uses the client script to verify the client's right to access a specific URL. This should be a RPM-specific guard that is provided by the RPM plugin.

In Pulp2 here are some links that are related: <--- the actual checking code itself <---- the httpd WSGIAccessScript

We need to get some test data posted on here that can be used for development.

For crypto the Red Hat security team has recommended: as a portable crypto library for Python.

This should inherit from ContentGuard and be discoverable by core as an available ContentGuard.

Here are some field names:

class OidContentGuard(ContentGuard):

* name 32 Charfield
* CA certificate - TextFile (not a path) <------ note this is uploaded by the user