Issue #4002

Updated by milan almost 6 years ago

The pulp-admin tool doesn't currently support uploading modular errata. 
 This requires enhancement of the @--pkglist-csv packagelist.csv@ switch of the errata upload subcommand because at the moment there's no way to assign a package list to a modular erratum. 
 Possible solution might add a new switch that would accept a JSON structure, similar to the one the upload API uses, e.g: 
 @$ pulp-admin rpm repo uploads erratum --repo-id zoo --erratum-id RHEA-2018:0042 upload errata --name ... --module-package-collection walrus.json@ 
 @$ cat walrus.json@ 
 <code class="json"> 
   { "name": "collection 0", 
       "short": "0", 
       "module": { 
         "name": "walrus", 
         "stream": "5.21", 
         "version": "20180704144203", 
         "arch": "x86_64", 
         "context": "deadbeef" 
       "packages": []