Task #3848

Updated by daviddavis about 6 years ago

h2. Motivation 


 - Better performance [0] 
 - Less storage required (4 bytes for int vs 16 byes for UUIDs) 
 - Hrefs would be shorter (e.g. /pulp/api/v3/repositories/1/) 
 - In line with other apps like Katello 

 h2. Drawbacks 


 - Integer ids expose info like how many records there are 
 - Can’t support sharding or multiple dbs (are we ever going to need this?) 

 h2. Solution 

 Switching to integer IDs is pretty easy. We just need to remove a few lines that specify id as a UUID. The default in Django is int ids. 

 There is one exception or problem though. Jobs in rq/redis are created using task id[0] and this job id needs to be a uuid. I see two possible solutions: 

 1. We leave task id as a UUID but every other id is an integer 
 2. We add a job uuid field on task 

 [0] creating 400,000 units, the non-uuid PK is 30% faster at 42.22 seconds vs. 55.98 seconds. searching through the same 400,000 units, performance is still about 30% faster.    Doing a filter for file content units that have a relative_path__startswith={some random letter} (I put UUIDs in all the fields) takes about 0.44 seconds if the model has a UUID pk and about 0.33 seconds if the model has a default Django auto-incrementing PK.