Issue #3558

Updated by daviddavis about 2 years ago

I was working with @kersom who was having trouble with the repo version filters. versions and I even found the filters to be confusing.

First, there's a <code>content</code> filter of type 'string' but there's no description or indication of what it expects. Recommend adding Probably just need to set a description. Also, is there a type we can use like 'href' or something?

Then there's <code>version_min</code> and <code>version_max</code>. First off, there's no version field on repo version. It's actually called 'number'. Secondly, there's no indication in the api schema whether version_min=1 will include repo version 1 or not. We could maybe just use 'gt', 'gte', 'lt', 'lte' like django-filters.