Issue #3283

Updated by daviddavis over 2 years ago

Looks like drf maps docstring for viewset actions to a description field in the api schema. For example, our artifacts delete action looks like this in the api schema:

"delete": {
"_type": "link",
"action": "delete",
"description": "Remove :class:`` only if it is not associated with any\n``\n\nArgs:\n request (:class:`rest_framework.request.Request`): request containing JSON payload\n with information about the artifact being deleted.\n pk (:class:`uuid.UUID`): Unique id of the artifact being deleted.\n\nReturns:\n :class:`rest_framework.response.Response` with a 204 status code in case of\n successful deletion, 409 status code if deletion is not allowed.",

This is from the docstring on the action here:

This is
probably not very friendly for API users. Not sure what the solution here is.

Other endpoints with this problem include content create, status, etc.