Task #2895

Updated by bizhang almost 4 years ago

Add Content WSGI application to server content. Some can be cannibalized from pulp2. Mainly parts of the ContentView. [0]

The Content WSGI application should Needs to be able ported to:
* Based on incoming request URL, determine the distribution python3
* Match the scheme against (http and https fields). 404 when scheme not enabled. napoleon docstrings.
* Query the PublishedArtifact and PublishedMetadata tables (in that order) by URL path component to get the artifact or the metadata. new content model.
* respond with contents of the corresponding file new publishing model defined in #2868.

For this task the request and response should be handled Starting with a non-apache implementation at first for the content app. There is Plugin Alpha. Need a task way to do enable this with apache later [1]

stream the bits in a development environment. Perhaps just have the content app can handle the request and stream the bits (at first). Apache (xsend) support will be deploy separately with magic provided later in the and/or separate .wsgi files.


another redmine task.