Issue #2751

Updated by about 4 years ago

When plugin requires Pulp core platform version to be >= X.Y, builder tries to install version X.Y which may not exist for certain boxes.

OSTree plugin requires Pulp core platform to be >= 2.10, so builder tries to install Pulp 2.10 on F25 system but fails [0] because we do not have pulp-2.10 build for F25.

The PR builder job should install I think it would be good to have all the platform versions (specified in specfiles as minimum core version required ones) available for the platform. unittests. This means way we have a chance to find compatibility issues between plugin and old platform version.
The downside of this approach is
that it will always install we'll need to make builds of old pulp versions for new systems.

One other option is to choose
the minimum available version specified in the spec file for RHEL7. However, Fedora will likely get a newer version of core because the platform. The downside is that we can easily miss compatibility issues with older versions may not be available.

platform versions.