Story #2763

Updated by about 7 years ago

As a user, I should be able to specify a URL to a feed, that looks somewhat similar to an entry in the apt sources.list file. 


 deb trusty-security main restricted 

 This instructs apt to fetch deb packages from the trusty-security dist, from the teh main and restricted components. 

 I would expect the feed URL to be: 

 For now, the plugin is hardcoded to handle just stable as a dist, because that's the only thing it can produce. Ticket #2765 will address that. At that point, we will need the feed configuration to include lists of dists and components under each dist, and presumably a group-like unit type that can record the dist/component for each unit that got synced, so we can publish it meaningfully. 

 Currently, in order to make the sync work, the URL is expected to be: