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[RFE] Unable to import images missing the 'repositories' file

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++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bugzilla Bug #1191688 ++

Description of problem:

Description of problem:

While pushing OpenShift images to we noticed that Pulp requires a valid 'repositories' file in the image tar. It seems with RHEL 7's version of docker that if a save is passed an image ID instead of tag the repositories file will be missing.

In our case we actually prefer to run docker save with an ID to avoid any possible race condition of the tag being updated just before docker save is run. Could Pulp support this use case?

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That sounds reasonable. We initially went with the expectation that an entire repo would be "docker save"d so that tags would be preserved from docker to pulp. As long as you're happy to re-create the tags in pulp, we can certainly do this.

Do you happen to have any idea how "docker save" will work with the new manifest data model? If it changes behavior substantially from what docker does currently, it might make sense to target this RFE for that new format.

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In our case we were planning to recreate the tags in pulp since the environment they came from used tags that didn't follow the formal guidelines for

Unfortunately I don't know anything about the new manifest data model. I'm a developer on the OpenShift team working with release engineering to publish images for the first time. :)

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