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The relevant test fixture permutations for testing recursive copy with modular test fixtures
- Realistically what users will be dealing with
- Modules (appStream)
- Recursively copy modules
- modules get copied also
- RPMs that they depend on should be in a separate repository
- Ideally have to have two level of dependencies in test fixtures


The total relevant permutations for testing recursive copy with modular test fixtures with interactions between

* without flag
- Just copy A and all artifacts (only the artifacts)
- If there is an RPM dependency, it will not be copied

* --recursive
- the dependencies of the module (artifacts) will be copied
- dependent modules should be copied
- Doesn't deal with module versions
- haven't seen specific module versions specificed in dependencies
- expect all versions for now
- RPM versions dependencies
- specific version of RPM dependecy

* --recursive_conservative (ignored for modular deps, but applied for RPM dependencies)
- expect the same as above
- if there are RPM dependencies, those RPM deps should follow the same behavior as --recursive_conservative in test_rich_weak_dependencies testing

Possible Testing Permutations to consider:
* Target server having older RPMs already installed when module with RPM deps is copied
* Target server having older modules already installed
- What happens to the older module on target system B

The expected behaviors defined for the sum of all relevant permutations above
- Answered above

Which Redmine Task covers the work done for modular repository dep solving + PR? #4375 wasn't for 2.19 or modular specific repos. 3741?
- There is a PR but it appears no specific RedMine task for modular depsolv

A work around or build is needed to test the behavior.
- celery - 4.0.0
- coming from EPEL
- get the version from
- packaging pinning to versions
- libsolv version -- 1.7.2 --> 1.6.3 (seg faults)
there's the right version of libsolv built for CentOS
install libsolv and python2-solv
pulp functioning version of libsolv

Examples of modular meta:

Non-sequitur Errata question:
can copy errata recursively as well
- doesn't list any rpms
- only lists a module

Modular Errata is separate: