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Revision dd90a811

Added by over 1 year ago

Problem: bindings break all the time

Solution: build and test bindings continuosly

This patch adds another job to the Travis build matrix. This new build installs pulpcore and pulp_file and then builds a client library for each. The client libraries are built using pulp-swagger-codegen, a thin wrapper around swagger-codegen-cli. After building the bindings, this job installs them and runs a script that performs the following:

  • Create a File Remote
  • Create a Repository
  • Sync a Repository
  • Monitor the sync task
  • Create an artifact from a local file
  • Create a FileContent from the artifact
  • Add the new FileContent to a repository version
  • Monitor the repo version creation task
  • Create a FilePublisher
  • Create a publication from the latest version of the repository
  • Monitor the publish task
  • Create a distribution pointint to the publication

fixes: #4123