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Revision 3adeff2c

Added by bmbouter about 1 year ago

Role Based Access Control

This PR adds in user-manageable Access Policies rooted at the /pulp/api/v3/access_policies/ endpint. This deifnes both statements of the policy as well as what permissions should be created for new objects.

The /pulp/api/v3/tasks/ endpoint is now protected by an AccessPolicy which by default provides user-isolation. This effectively limits a non-admin user to only view their own tasks.

Plugins writers can enable role base access control easily using the pulpcore.plugin.models.AccessPolicyFromDB object and declaring with the permission_classes attribute.

Plugin writers can use the pulpcore.plugin.models.AutoAddObjPermsMixin which provides user-configurable ways to create permissions for new objects. This includes three methods object_creator, add_for_users, and add_for_groups.

Plugin writers can use the pulpcore.plugin.models.AutoDeleteObjPermsMixin which provides auto-removal of object level permissions during object deletion.

pulpcore.plugin.models.BaseModel now uses django-lifecycle allowing subcalsses to use it instead of signals

Plugin writers can easily provide queryset scoping on ViewSets that inherit from the pulpcore.plugin.viewsets.NamedModelViewSet by declaring the queryset_filtering_required_permission class attribute naming the permission required to view an object.

closes #7160 closes #7210 closes #7151 closes #7157 closes #7158 closes #7300 closes #7301