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Revision 31461ead

Added by Bruno Rocha over 1 year ago

Preparing for Dynaconf 2.0.0 (to be released on April 8)

  • Fixed the way settings are loaded on (no more explicit get and added dynaconf patching at the end of file with all dynaconf config options in one place)

  • Other places like rqconfig can import django.conf.settings directly.

  • Added INCLUDES_FOR_DYNACONF pointing to /etc/pulp/plugins/*

    That means that any dynaconf supported settings file saved on that folder will be loaded, so plugins can ask users to drop a pulp_foo.toml on that path containing:

content_host = 'otherplace:9999'

Then dynaconf will load it, user does not have to mess with /etc/pulp/ and plugin writers can provide config templates for installer, isntaller can just drop the file on that place.

Required PR: