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**Pulp Plugin API**

The Pulp Plugin API is an essential part of the `Pulp Project 3.0+ <;`__ which provides a set of base
classes that can be implemented in plugins to manage content in a way that is consistent
across plugins, while still allowing plugin writers the freedom to define their workflows
as they deem necessary.

The Pulp Plugin API allows plugin writers:
- to easily define your content types, and CRUD operations for all the base parts,
- to use high-performance asynchronous download machinery,
- to use tasking system,
- and more.

See `Plugin Writer's Guide <;`__ for more information.

Pulp is completely free and open-source!

- License: GNUv2
- Source:

For more information, check out the project website:

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Issue Tracker:

User mailing list:

Developer mailing list:

User questions welcome in #pulp on FreeNode IRC server.

Developer discussion in #pulp-dev on FreeNode IRC server

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