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Revision 8219efd5

Added by bmbouter almost 2 years ago

Adds the content app to pulpcore.content

The Settings can be a lot simpler now that the architecture no longer required redirection. It does need to account for the content being served on a different HOST. This PR handles that.

Since the settings are now single values, they are much easier to override using Dynaconf, which is great.

The content app can be removed now that the streamer code is handling it all.

This PR is a prototype and has no docs. Use Pulp as normal , but run the streamer from and run the streamer with:

gunicorn pulpcore.streamer:server --bind localhost:8080 --worker-class aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker -w 2

This PR needs pulp-smash changes from pulp_file so it requires the PR below:

Required PR: closes #4239 closes #3698 closes #3699 closes #4181 closes #4243