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Pulp Packaging

Adding a nightly built package

To add a new project to be built nightly, add a new entry under pulp_packages in package_manifest.yaml

      git: "{git url}"
  1. Create a directory for the spec packages/my-new-package/
  2. Download/create a spec file in the above folder
  3. run ansible-playbook nightlies.yaml -l my-new-package

Tito is configured to checkout this project and generate a source tarball to be used with the spec file under packages/project-name

Updating a Dependency

To add a new dependency, start by adding an entry to package_manifest.yml in the appropriate section.

    - "my-new-package-{version}.tar.gz"
    - "my-new-package.spec"
    - "patch-1.patch"
  1. Create a directory for the spec and source(s) under packages/
  2. Download the spec and source(s)
  3. git annex addurl {url} -file my-new-package-{version}.tar.gz, where {url} is the Source0 line provided by spectool my-package.spec and {version} is the upstream version number of the dependency
  4. Edit the spec setting the release to 1
  5. Scratch build your package tito release koji-pulp-server --test --scratch
  6. If your scratch build is successful, then please commit your additions and submit an MR.

TODO: ansible playbook to do this automatically.

Comps Files

To ensure a package is created and shipped with the pulp repo, please be sure it's listed in it's corresponding pulp-comps-{dist}.xml file

Tito custom source strategy

There is a custom 'PulpSourceStrategy' class in rel-eng/lib/ that is used to generate source tarballs from github. This allows us to have a spec file live outside the git repo for the nightly builds, and helps decouple release engineering effors from the main code repo.

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