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This repository provides a script that helps generate Python and Ruby bindings for pulpcore or any of it's

The first time the script is run, a docker container with openapi-generator-cli is downloaded. All
subsequent runs will re-use the container that was downloaded on the initial run.

- Pulp 3 running on localhost:24817
- Docker

Generating bindings

The ```` script takes three positional arguments: module name, language, and version.
When the optional version parameter is provided, it is used as the version string. When it is not
provided, the version reported by Pulp's status API is used. The following commands should be used
to generate Python bindings for ``pulpcore``:

.. code-block:: bash

sudo ./ pulpcore python

This command will generate a python package inside ``pulpcore-client`` directory.

Ruby bindings for the RPM plugin can be generated with the following command:

.. code-block:: bash

sudo ./ pulp_rpm ruby

This command will generate a Ruby Gem inside ``pulp_rpm-client`` directory.

The packages generated will have the same version as what is reported by the status API.

This command will generate a Ruby Gem with '' version.

.. code-block:: bash

sudo ./ pulp_rpm ruby

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